Thursday, September 12, 2013

Key Questions about the CRPD

One action that will help in the ratification of the CRPD is a hearing in which basic questions are answered. You are welcome to take a look at such questions below, talk about them, and urge your Senators to ask them in a hearing. If they are answered in a hearing, we will better understand the CRPD and get closer to consensus on ratification.

1.  How is the CRPD alike and different from the ADA?
2.  What would happen to U.S. laws if the CRPD were ratified?
3.  How would ratification of the CRPD affect parents' ability to make decisions about their children's lives?
4.  Can someone use the CRPD in a court?
5.  What happens to the power of state laws if the CRPD were ratified?
6.  Would ratification of the CRPD increase access to health services for people with disabilities?
7.  How would ratification of the CRPD affect American business?
8.  Is ratification of the CRPD by the U.S. likely to have an impact abroad?
9.  What will ratification of the CRPD mean for individuals with disabilities, their families and advocates?
10. Do we need to ratify the CRPD?

These are important questions. They deserve clear, full answers.

Thank you.
Common Grounder

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