Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Video Is Worth a Thousand Words: Amy Purdy Inspires

A friend told me there is a contestant on Dancing with Stars who is a double-amputee, Amy Purdy. She earned a Bronze Medal for snowboarding at the Paralympic Games in Sochi. I think I heard, she lost her legs two years ago. So I watched the Dancing with Stars video of Amy doing the cha cha with Derek Hough, and was blown away. Wow!

If Amy can do what she did, surely we can find a way to make ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities happen. Amy projects determination, discipline, a ton of energy, professionalism, and pride. She inspires, excites, and motivates the rest of us. Each of us needs to reflect on Amy's story and consider what we could do to get the CRPD ratified.

Since August 9, 2013 I have outlined important facts, suggested things to do, and sometimes let my frustration sneak out. But, I am basically an optimist. If something doesn't work, the lesson is -- try something else.

Well, here's my latest idea, it builds on the call for personal stories.
1. Watch the YouTube video of Amy Purdy
2. Draft a message of how it affected you, what you are going to do to support the CRPD, and why others should also take action.
3. Video tape the message and upload it to YouTube.
4. Your effort will inspire others.
5. We will be able to track the impact on YouTube.

This is worth a try.

Common Grounder

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