Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CRPD: There's Always Tomorrow

"There's always tomorrow". That was Scarlett O'Hara's mantra in the movie classic, Gone with the Wind. That seems to be where Senate Majority Leader Reid is on giving us a vote on the CRPD before the Senate closes down.

The Senate is likely to shut its doors on Friday, instead of September 23rd. Senator Reid's staff has said he is willing to hold a vote on the CRPD when the Senate returns on November 12th after the elections (November 4th), IF WE GUARANTEE HIM THAT THERE ARE THE 6 more votes in the yes column to get us to the 67 we need for ratification. Nice. A vote in September would give us the information we need to galvanize us to vote, get our friends to vote, and lay the ground work for a great future -- where elected officials focus on what is important to us.

I have several theories.

One, although for different reasons, neither Democrats (Harkin being an exception)
nor Republicans (Ayotte being an exception) are crazy about a vote on the CRPD.

Two, neither Democrats nor Republicans see any connection between a vote on the CRPD and re-election prospects and their control of the Senate.

Three, in November-December Democrats and Republicans will have new justifications for not holding a vote on the CRPD. For example, the Senate will be in from November 12 to 20, before breaking for Thanksgiving. Do you think during that time that ratifying the CRPD will even be on anyone's radar? And with Christmas looming in December, come on!

So what do we do?

One, between now and Election Day attend town hall meetings of every incumbent. Ask how he will vote on the CRPD. Ask what he will do to help get us get a vote in November. If he doesn't give specifics, ask for them. Whatever answer(s) you get should influence your vote. Whatever answer(s) you get you should broadcast on social media. On Twitter use #CRPD.

Two, contact Senator Reid's office and ask, if we are going to get a vote, on what day it will be, then broadcast what you learn in social media, even if you get a vague answer.

Three, keep calling Senate offices. Ask what the Senator's position on the CRPD is and broadcast it on social media. If the Senator is for ratification of the CRPD, ask what he plans to do to get us a vote. Broadcast what you learn on social media.

You have the ability to turn things in our favor. The folks inside the beltway (myself included) could have been smarter, faster, or more clever. Now it really is your turn. Please make the time count.

Thank you.
Common Grounder

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