Monday, November 7, 2016

Time to Choose

The key word in this election is change. How you view it. How you define it. How you think it will happen. What will result because of it.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree on one thing -- they each pronounce that they will bring about the change that everyone needs and wants. Of course, that is debatable. Some things are critical -- They each need a Congress with which they can work. They each need a nine-person bench on the Supreme Court. They each need smart people around them who can get things done. They each need to avoid non-productive distractions.

I own property in Virginia so I voted by absentee ballot. What did I weigh in reaching my decision?

What is most important -- experience in or out of government?
What is most helpful -- experience negotiating based on facts and a sense of desirable outcomes or negotiating using raw power and all that comes with it?
What is most essential -- knowing how to prepare for the anticipated and the unanticipated or having people around you, you think have the answers because you picked them and you are good at that?
What should be done with health care -- correct a flawed system or start over?
What should be done about the economy -- let it flourish naturally or tick off every company that has business overseas?
What should be done about education -- listen and build consensus before acting or close the Department of Education?
What should be done about security -- recognize where we are and document it for the American people or start shutting out people, shrink our ally pool, and eliminate ISIS in all the countries it resides, using brute force.

I want to wake up the day after the inauguration with a president that supports the Constitution, cares about people and their circumstances, cuts deals within the law, has learned from past mistakes, knows how to react to criticism as a mature adult, and has canceled her Twitter account.

Common Grounder

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