Friday, February 3, 2017


I was sent a link to a blog post by the Arc ( titled: The Arc On Leaked Draft Executive Order That Would Impact People with Disabilities Legally Residing in the US and Seeking to Legally Immigrate. The Washington Post was the first to share this draft executive order (

It covers three things.
1. No potential immigrant comes into the U.S. if the person cannot support himself or herself (not be a public charge).
2. Remove any immigrant who is in the U.S. and is a public charge
3. Get reimbursement from anyone who sponsors an immigrant who receives/received public benefits

The purpose of this policy is make sure the taxpayers aren't left holding the bag for these people and that everyone let in or is is here already, who happens to be an immigrant, is self-sufficient. There are no exceptions.

What about families? Children? Grandparents? Individuals with developmental disabilities? Perhaps, if the family is Christian the whole family gets in, but then again perhaps not.

I have learned that at Ellis Island, at the turn of the 20th century, potential immigrants were made to climb stairs. If you couldn't climb stairs you couldn't enter the U.S. I guess the Department of Homeland Security could shut down the elevators connected to international arrival areas at airports.

The drafter of the memo accompanying this draft executive order, Andrew Bremberg, recommends to President Trump that he sign it, although Bromberg gives him three options -- approve, disapprove, or needs more discussion.

Here's hoping Ivanka tells her Dad to trash it.

Thank you.
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