Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Senate Vote on the CRPD Is Unlikely

It appears that a vote on the CRPD is not going to happen. The 67 votes we want aren't there according to reliable counters of votes. The Senators who are with us, 61, still are, but six more would not publicly commit. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not schedule a vote without an assurance that there will be 67 votes in favor of ratification of the CRPD.

I am going to spend my time, going forward, raising money for the USICD so that it will positioned well to share the U.S. experience with the ADA with others overseas and learn about innovative approaches to disability rights issues from other countries to share in the U.S.

I know right now we all have the urge to be angry, to vent, and to blame someone. Do that with your friends in private. Our best collective course is to celebrate and sustain the great partnerships that were formed during the CRPD campaign, to introduce ourselves to the new Congress, and ask all those Senators, who have said we are the international leader on disability rights, to help us secure federal funds to do/show that.

There are many heroes who you may want to know and thank. Their names are in the forward to my book (Link: http://t.co/Vigyant7aM). If you want to thank them though this blog, you can comment on this post and I will pass your thanks on to them.

Unless a miracle happens and Senator Reid gives us a vote without a guaranteed outcome -- so we will know specifically who is and who isn't for access, freedom, opportunity, and disability rights and believes in the strength of our Constitution -- this is my last post on the CRPD.

If you plan to attend the U.S. International Council on Disabilities Gala (visit www.usicd.org to buy a $75 ticket), December 2, 2014, 6-8:30 p.m. at the Institute of Peace, 2301 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., please come up and say hello. I'll be there.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Common Grounder