Monday, April 4, 2016

Wisconsin Voters: Vote with your brain tomorrow, vote for John Kasich

I'm a political junkie. I love presidential campaigns. Initially, I thought I was really going to love this one. Not anymore.  Serious issues have not received the time they deserve. Difference in style dominate verbal space. Debasement has become an acceptable tool to hurl at opponents. Lying or accusing others of it has become commonplace.

The one candidate who has not taken the bait to participate in the new underbelly of campaigning is John Kasich. The most recent statement made about him by Donald Trump, the king of the new order, is that he, John Kasich, should get out of the presidential race because he’s taking votes away from Donald Trump. Well, that’s one reason you may want to consider voting for John Kasich tomorrow.

Here are a few more. He has a public record associated with results that are bipartisan and smart. He recognizes problems and works with others in a collegial manner to solve them. He has been involved in addressing all of the issues that concern most Americans: national security, smart fiscal policies, expanding job opportunities, improving access to healthcare, and offering quality education to children.

Throughout most of this campaign we have been distracted, entertained, shocked, confused, and disappointed by what we’ve heard from most candidates, but not what we’ve heard from John Kasich.  His style is gentle. His compassion is real. What he says we understand the first time he says it. His promises can be delivered. His relationships with members of Congress are long-standing, bipartisan, tested, and durable. He is a realist. He is a pragmatist. Yet, he finds the quickest, smartest paths to solutions that people want and support.

If you’re like me you’re tired of bling, threats, negativity, obstructionism, doom and gloom, and lack of the right kind of executive experience and knowledge of how government works. I want America to be great. I want a strong economy. I want Congress to accomplish things for us. I want the Supreme Court to protect our Constitution and civil rights. I want us to be safe and smart about keeping us that way. I truly believe the John Kasich is the only person in the race who can make sure these things are part of our future. Everyone else in the presidential race has too much baggage that will negatively affect their ability to deliver, no matter how-well intentioned they are.

Tomorrow those of you in Wisconsin have the opportunity to send a very important message to the rest of the country – John Kasich is the only one who can achieve the change that everyone is looking for.

Thank you.
Common Grounder