Friday, March 13, 2020

It's Time for an Outbreak of Kindness

The Coronavirus Pandemic has taken us all by surprise. It is rapidly changing life as we know it. And, even when it is over, will leave a lingering impact on us (We will always have 12 rolls of toilet paper in our closets, plenty of Clorox wipes too.). May I suggest that we use this uncertain time to reach out to those we know who have a disability or who are senior citizens to see if we can help in some small way. Here's a potential list. Offer to --

  • Pick up food, drinks, or prescriptions
  • Take out the garbage
  • Change a light bulb
  • Open or close a window
  • Walk the dog
  • Mail or pick up a package
  • Prepare and join them for a meal
  • Put away or retrieve things
  • Get cash 
  • Give a ride
  • Text or call
  • Wash clothes
  • Change a bed
  • Just visit
The use of social distancing is going to increase before it goes away, I know it. That will leave many people with disabilities and the elderly with less access to the supports they have had on a routine basis. So, if your healthy and going out anyway, consider adding a little humanitarian detour. You will feel better and the person you help will be truly grateful.

Thank you.
Common Grounder