Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Holiday, an Egg Nog Recipe for the Ages

I sent this yesterday to my family and friends. Then I thought it might be nice share the recipe with all of you. Who knows it might get a lot of hits with New Year's Eve just days away.

 I was trying to think of something I could send or say that would last beyond this day, and then it came to me — Share Jim Kelly’s egg nog recipe before I forget it. The version below is my version based on his. His would knock you off your feet after 3 sips and you wouldn’t remember anything. I know from personal experience. Mine, on the other hand, gives you a smooth high and the ability to remember the memories you make.

1 doz large eggs
4 1/2 pints of cream
4 1/2 of whipping cream
2 cups of sugar
12 oz of bourbon
6 oz of WHITE rum
6 oz of brandy

1 very, very, large bowl
2 small bowls
Hand mixer

Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks, put each in its own bowl
Pour the egg yolks into the very very big bowl
Pour sugar on top of yolks, stir with mixer until COMPLETELY blended.
Add one cup of cream very slowly, mixing THOROUGHLY
Repeat with other 3 cartons of cream
Do the same with each carton of whipping cream
Add bourbon SLOWLY to mixture, mixing the whole time
Add rum slowly to mixture, mixing the whole time
Add brandy slowly to mixture, mixing the whole time
Set aside
Mix the egg whites till fluffy in their own bowl
Spoon egg whites on top of the egg nog in the very very big bowl
Pour into cups and sprinkle on cinnamon

Egg nog never goes bad. Store in fridge. I know raw eggs are not good for us, but I think the alcohol neutralizes any potential harm. I have never has a problem in 52 years of drinking the stuff. In the spirit of full disclosure I estimate one 4 oz cup is 478 calories.

Enjoy. Share recipe. Perhaps it will bring on a wave of bipartisan collaboration!

Common Grounder