Friday, November 27, 2020

It Is Time to Support the International Council on Disabilities, Attend USICD's Virtual Gala, December 3, 2020, 2 to 4 ET

Not another Zoom gathering! You bet. It's up to you to help us build our momentum and we have it!

As the result of the election, Make America Great Again has been replaced by Build Back Better. Slogans are statements that imply direction. Symbols like walls confirm intent. Symbols like open doors celebrate opportunity. USICD is in a key position to help the incoming Biden-Harris team demonstrate that the U,S. will open doors and will not be spectator. 

Our organization has the experience, the standing, the will, and the ideas to work with and through transitional partnerships to – 


·      Assist local leaders achieve disability rights, 

·      Shape inclusive economic development initiatives, 

·      Bring people together to create practical solutions for reducing poverty among the disabled and opening opportunities for women with disabilities, and 

·      Educate policy makers about the importance and benefits of having the disability perspective represented at all decision-making tables.

A new day has dawned. It is up to each of us and all of us to ensure that promotion and understanding of disability rights become as visible and pervasive as wearing masks.

Please join us for a great two hours -- elected officials will be honored, screen stars will share their approach to inclusion and entertain, generous sponsors will make the case for disability rights, and I have pushed for a door prize (no one knows how to do it virtually).


Thank you.

Patricia Morrissey