Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Now Is the Time to Shape the Policies of the Next President that will Affect People with Disabilities and Their Families

There are many people out there who are tired of the campaigning for president, want to wait until the dust settles, and we are down to two viable candidates. I understand that. However, the policies of candidates are being shaped right now. As particular candidates become more confident, they will speak about and refine their policies that have traction -- first among their supporters, among independents, and among the general electorate. They are not going to wait till those, who are not engaged, tune in. If each of us does not weigh in with candidates of our choice now, issues we care about may not show up as policy papers on candidates' websites, and worse, policies that are counter to what we want, will. Right now the cement is being mixed, to use a graphic analogy, your hand print won't take, once the concrete hardens.

Read my last post. Tweet your preferred candidate(s). Let them know you care. Let them know about things you know about that work. Let them know about things that need to be fixed, such as the employment rate, access to appropriate health care, effective transition options from school to adult life, safety, affordable housing, and other things related to achieving the American dream. LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION. Democracy is a messing business, but it won't be or become what we want it to be if we wait till the last minute to become engaged. Disability rights, equal opportunity and much more are at stake.

Thank you..