Friday, October 8, 2021

Talking Points for Your Elected Officials: IT IS TIME TO WORK THINGS OUT

As a voter, a taxpayer, and as a civic-minded American, I am beyond frustrated with the bickering in Congress between and within parties. We all benefit from clean air. Many people need and will benefit from more child care and pre-kindergarten. Everyone will benefit from infrastructure repairs and improvements, including the expansion of broadband. The economy will be positively affected. We must increase the debt ceiling and not put the good faith and credit of the United States at risk, which means, among many things, making sure checks to soldiers and retirees don’t stop.

There has been enough posturing in Congress. It’s time to make decisions and take actions that will allow us to go forward and prosper. The behavior and rhetoric among members of Congress cannot be explained or justified any longer. It must change. If not, we are creating a situation in which a third-party option, such as the Forward Party of Andrew Yang, will become more attractive and gain real traction to many people and make federal election outcomes even more unpredictable. I urge anyone who reads this post to use it as a basis to write to their members of Congress and get us the results we need. 

  1. Pass the Infrastructure legislation (roads, bridges, broadband)
  2. Pass the Build Back Better legislation (more child care, pre-kindergarten, community college, elder care, and cleaner air and more)
  3. Pass legislation to increase the debt ceiling so we will have money to pay federal bills
  4. Congress is out of excuses. We each must let it know we are out of patience. 
  5. Tell Members now is the time to put aside differences and give us the action we need to not just to survive but to prosper.

Thank you,

Common Grounder